Natural Lyme Protocol Options

In bold below, are the supplements/nutriceuticals that we are taking. Almost all of the supplements below , except for the FuCoyDon, Pro -X 10 Probiotic and the Methylmate, can be found on discount supplement sites like This protocol is working very well for us all, but of course I can’t guarantee this will work for everyone. Whether or not you have CLD, this protocol is effective for almost any chronic condition, or at a minimum, I believe it can be used for overall disease prevention purposes and to maintain good health and wellness. This has been our experience with the following supplements. The centerpiece of what we are using that is finally working is called fucoidan (FuCoyDon - Sisel Brand name) It is a sulfated polysaccharide from brown seaweed. Running a search on fucoidan and just about anything, shows that it is incredibly effective for many conditions. There is also evidence that fucoidan helps to remove mercury and other heavy metals, and damage from radiation exposure, both of which are always present in chronic illness. This may be the most effective treatment for our Lyme symptoms that we have tried- based on symptom improvement and improved CD 57 NK Cell essay markers- as it was the first treatment that actually improved the markers – significantly- after about 9 months.

Fucoidan is the perfect immune system modulator as it helps to keep Natural Killer Cell markers high- NK cells are an important part of the immune system because they aid in fighting infections. Our white blood cells also rose after taking fucoidan, from previously below normal levels, which is common in Lyme. Nothing else we had tried over the years worked liked fucoidan and it has been said that no other supplement does more for the human body than fucoidan. We take 1/2 to 1 ounce a day of FuCoyDon on an empty stomach. (Click here for more info)

Fucoidan and Longevity

Fucoidan Anticancer Properties on Breast Cancer In Vitro and In Vivo

Fucoidan Extract Induces Apoptosis in MCF-7 Cells via a Mechanism Involving the ROS-Dependent JNK Activation and Mitochondria-Mediated Pathways

Fucoidan & Chronic Lyme Disease

One of the newest supplements for Lyme, is ordinary B3- niacin and niacinamide- in large doses. Below are links about using Niacin/ niacinamide (b3), and Dr. Klinghardt’s recommendation for it’s use in Lyme disease and it’s antimicrobial effect in fighting Borellia (Lyme) and other infections, directly. You can also google Niacin and Lyme, as well as niacin and depression, niacin and heart disease/ cholesterol control, niacin and schizophrenia, niacin and learning disabilities, etc., and find much about it. B3 seemed to be yet another piece to the puzzle. We almost immediately began to have even more energy and feeling of well being when we started taking it. It also acts as an antihistamine, and it stopped many of the reactions that we previously had to foods. The main action of B3 is: it kills the microbials/ yeast overgrowth in the gut, thus healing the intestinal lining- preventing reactions to foods and “brain allergies” ( when foods we eat effect our mood, memory and energy level.) The dose for Lyme is upwards of 2,000 mg a day in divided doses. There is an excellent book called Niacin, the Real Story written by 3 Ph.Ds,, and it is a comprehensive discussion about niacin’s effect in the body.

Niacinamide is a form of niacin that has been shown to kill candida and prevent and even reverse Alzhemers disease in recent studies. It has also been extremely effective in treating arthritis. Our positive experiences with B3 have been many. It works incredibly well as a mood enhancer- felt almost immediately. Memory, sharpness and concentration have also been enhanced and a feeling as though the” brain fog” is being lifted. We take 1,000- 2,000 mg. of niacinamide divided into 2 or 3 doses, and 500- 1,000 mg. of niacin (the flushing type- as mild flushing dilates the capillaries and brings oxygen to all of the cells) in divided doses after lunch and dinner, to get the benefits of both. Half the dose for children. We stay under the upper limit dose of 3,000 mg, total B3, just to be conservative. Extended/ time release niacin is not recommended, as it has been shown to be hard on the liver. We ramped up slowly on the flushing niacin, as too high of a dose initially can cause an intense flushing reaction. It is also best to take the niacin after a meal. It is important to take a multi of the other B vitamins when taking high dose B3- we take Tropical Oasis Brand Liquid B Complex. We take the NOW brand of niacinamide and Twinlabs regular niacin- both veg caps in 500 mg doses. Initially we took the Whole Foods regular niacin 300 mg tablets so they could be broken in half to start out slowly, The great thing about B3 is that it is very inexpensive. I purchase it on Lucky Vitamin website for less than $5 a bottle.

We have also been taking a fat soluble form of B1 called Benfotiamine- about 2-3 160 mg capsules a day. Benfotiamine has many amazing health benefits including lowering blood sugar and controlling insulin resistance (which is common in Lyme) as well as reversing many of the neuropathies in diabetes/ insulin resistance.

Excerpt from a 2011 interview with Dr. Kinghardt:
“The amazing thing in the Lyme group is there is a subgroup that has severe insulin resistance with high insulin levels in the morning and all the things and the skinny vegetarians they try to exercise as much as they can. They do all the right things and they still have the insulin resistance. They have a completely different expression of the things we normally associate with it.
So insulin resistance, I mean, I know it’s a whole other topic or so but it’s a huge part of the treatment of Lyme disease is handling insulin resistance. With that usually all the arthritic symptoms go away and the fatigue greatly improves and the sleep improves. Things that we normally don’t associate with the insulin resistance improve dramatically. Jonathan Wright showed us clear evidence in the literature that osteoarthritis is an outcome of insulin resistance which I didn’t know.
Thanks to Jonathan this has been a beautiful treatment addition. I found Italian literature – I mentioned that in one of my talks with you years ago that niacin has been found to be a very, very effective antibiotic against Lyme disease so there is a link. Niacinamide has the same antimicrobial activity as niacin has.
DM: But they’re different, niacin and niacinamide because the niacin will give you the flush and niacinamide won’t.
DK: Yeah. But the antimicrobial effect has been shown to be identical whether you use niacin or niacinamide. Nobody knows really how that works but they did culture experiments and both have the same…
Maybe I’ll say something to this. There was a cluster of outbreaks of beriberi disease in Italy which was treated with vitamin B3 (niacin) and the illness went away. So it was concluded that it was a niacin deficiency because it goes away with niacin it must be a niacin deficiency. Years later, researcher came in and said, you can’t really do science like this. Let’s look what these people really have in these clusters in Italy that have the vitamin B3 deficiency symptoms. They did tissue biopsies and found all of them were infected with spirochetes.
So they realized that the high dose niacin with a gram three times a day was a very, very effective treatment for Lyme disease and then we looked up in the literature and found that niacinamide has the same anti-microbial activity. So treating insulin resistance it’s interesting with Jonathan Wright’s new cocktail also covers the Lyme spirochetes to a large degree. It’s a beautiful thing to add in. There are no side effects from it. It’s been a wonderful additional (indiscernible 1:16:26).
DM: How long have you been using it?
DK: I taught a seminar, A Deep Look Beyond Lyme Disease which I recommend by the way everybody gets the DVDs or the course handout because all my tricks are in there and that’s the first time I introduce it. That was maybe four months ago.
DM: So it’s relatively new? DK: I used it for about a year but it took about eight months for me to really speak
about it with authority.
DM: You’re always on the leading edge. It’s great to have this information but if we come again next year and talk about Lyme disease, you’re going to have three or four new updates that are really pretty groundbreaking. Let me just state to that effect that it’s not making it more complex. I mean the beauty and the elegance of your approach is that it’s all about simplification using natural methods. So it becomes simpler and easier not more complex and harder which is the traditional path that most physicians go towards.”

Benefits of Niacin

Niacinamide as a Treatment for Candida

Niacinamide and the Treatment of Alzheimers

 Benefits Of Niacinamide’s-disease-niacinamide-vitamin-B3.php

Niacinamide is also supposed to be an excellent treatment for killing superbugs like MRSA, staph and strep in high enough doses.(See link)

An excellent form of B12 that we use is nasal B12 methylcobalamin (Methyl Mate from New Beginnings Nutritionals- request the nasal pump when ordering) It is an especially important supplement to take for learning disabilities and autism. (see links below) This is also a centerpiece of this “protocol”- positive effects are felt in minutes after administration of the nasal spray.

Below are links describing the condition called pyroluria- which most all with Lyme disease have. Correcting it can help with recovery. We did the urine test that is described on the link, and began taking higher doses of B6 (100-300 mg.or higher if needed), zinc (20- 50 mg) , manganese, and omega 6 (evening primrose oil) These nutrients are low in people with Lyme. The dose of B6 should be ramped up until there is good “dream recall”, which is a sign that the pyroluric condition is reversing. On this YouTube video, Dr. Dietricht Klinghardt goes into specific detail about the Lyme/Pyroluria (HPU/KPU) connection and how healing one, will dramatically heal the other.

Below is a link that discusses the enzyme serrapeptase, and how it dissolves the bio- film surrounding the Borrelia Most anti-bacterials don’t work effectively until the hard outer coating (bio film) is removed. Lumbrokinase, another proteolytic enzyme is also a good bio – film buster. Cancer cells also have strong bio- films. We take 1 capsule of Doctor’s Best Serrapeptase every other day on empty stomach.

Below describes how gluten/ casein sensitivity effects or is caused by Lyme disease.

Probiotics are critical in recovery, and we have tried several brands through the years, but I believe one of the best probiotic on the market is called Pro X 10 made by Bio Trust Nutritionals. It is excellent because it actually repairs the damage to the intestinal lining from gluten damage, and has a special coating to survive stomach acid and make it to the digestive tract.  There is a great video on their website explaining exactly how it works.


Below are some links detailing the journey of the actress, Karen Allen (Raiders of the Lost Ark) and her battle with Lyme disease, and about the “zapper” that she used, along with a link to a radio interview with Ken Presner, the inventor of the Ultimate Zapper. Karen did directly communicate to me through email that the zapper was very effective at eliminating her symptoms, fairly rapidly. It does have a ridiculous name, and the way it works seems implausable, but there are hundreds of testimonials on the website, including Karen Allen’s. Dr. Klinghardt also uses a similar device, called KMT Microcurrent, which emits specific frequencies to kill pathogen. The device is inspired by the findings of Dr. Raymond Rife in which he discovered that every living organism vibrates at a specific frequency. By sending this same frequency of vibration through a living organism, living bacteria and parasites are unable to reproduce and ultimately the organism dies. The Ultimate Zapper does exactly this and works at a broad range frequency meaning that you do not have to tune it to a specific frequency; it will kill all harmful germs, bacteria, viruses and parasites. Here is how it works. Much like the phenomenon of a wine glass shattering when exposed to a certain noise frequency, the Ultimate Zapper works in much the same way. A frequency is sent harmlessly from the device throughout the body and reaches bacteria, fungi and viruses that lay in our system. When exposed to this frequency, the bacteria and fungi in the body is then hindered and will not be able to reproduce. Eventually this exposure causes the bacteria, fungi and other unwanted bodies to literally explode and die. Our daughter has been using the Zapper for a couple of months, and it seems to be one more piece to the puzzle, as it has given her even more energy. And it is a relatively inexpensive at about $170 with footpads- a one time cost – and it is easy to use. She uses it for an hour, every other day.

It also creates what is called the Electroporation Effect. This type of therapy enhances the body’s cells’ uptake of medicine and vitamin and mineral supplements. There are supposed to be many therapeutic benefits achieved through zapping, from maintaining health in a healthy person to ridding the body of parasites, bacteria, fungus and toxins, even cancer.


Other supplements we take are extra B6 (and/or p5p, the more absorbable form) zinc, molybdenum, manganese, D3/ k2 ( drop form from Thorne Labs or Buried Treasure Brand).  K2 is excllent for many things, including cancer prevention, and keeping calcium in the bones rather than building up in the arteries, and preventing and even treating existing tooth decay!  My younger son who is prone to tooth decay and has had about 10 cavities in baby teeth, hasn’t had a new cavity since we began the d3/k2 a year and a half ago. Methocobalamine B12 and folic acid ( Actifolate- more absorbable form) and 200 mcg of selenium (seleniomethionine form), a liquid B supplement- Sisel Spectro Max or Liquid B complex by Tropical Oasis, Evening Primrose oil and Krill oil. These supplements will help treat the pyroluria and the methylation problems that Lyme causes, and the selenium will protect the thyroid and is an excellent mineral for cancer prevention. Magnesium is also very depleted in Lyme, so we use both magnesium oil transdermally and/or liquid magnesium chloride.

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